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(Includes 25mL flower essence remedy)

What is Flower Essence Therapy?
Flower Essence Therapy is an ancient healing modality that has been used by the Nyoongah Aboriginal People in the south west of Australia spanning thousands of years.  

Flower Essences work by unlocking the inner wisdom that is within every human being, at a conscious, unconscious and subconscious level.  The healing is subtle and gentle, making it appropriate for all ages and for both physical and mental ailments.  Flower Essences can be used as a standalone treatment, or incorporated into other therapies such as massage and Reiki. 

Who is Flower Essence Therapy suitable for?
Flower essences are gentle and so are suitable for any age from babies to the elderly.   They are a wonderful addition to other therapies that you may be utilizing for emotional or mental health.  Flower essences are also beneficial for times when you may be feeling stuck about a decision to make, or have some personal or emotional aspects about you that you’d like to change, or have a recurring pattern that you need a little extra support in shifting. 

What can I expect in a Flower Essence Therapy consultation?
During your appointment I will first ask you to think of the one major issue or circumstance that is going on with you and get a clear picture of it prior to starting the process.  This is not necessary if you just require general support.

I then use Flower Cards to help you choose the flower essences that will go together to create your formula.  As it is an energetic therapy, when choosing the flowers it is best to go with your first instinct.  Each flower has specific characteristics and meanings that I will provide to you to read and see how it resonates with you and what is going on in your life.  Please also be aware that sometimes we can tune into other peoples’ “stuff”, so you may find yourself choosing flowers relevant for someone else close to you such as a spouse or child.  This is still beneficial, especially if those issues are impacting you.

Once you have chosen your flowers, we will narrow the cards down to 7 flowers which will make up your remedy.  This remedy will be yours to take over a 6 week period, after which you are welcome to come back for a follow up or to choose a new remedy if appropriate.

When using flower essences for physical ailments or as part of massage or other therapies, I may simply choosing the flower most appropriate to the physical symptoms and using it during the therapy session or make up the remedy for you to take home and use.

Flower Essence Therapy is also available to purchase online:

Custom Flower Essence Blend

You will receive one 25mL custom flower essence blend with 6-7 essences chosen specifically for you.  Please fill in your details on the form presented after you make your purchase and if you would like to share what you'd like support with please do so in the space provided however this is not compulsory.

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* Children (under 16), student and concession card holder rates available.
* Please note that I do not diagnose, cure, or treat any conditions or illnesses, and Flower Essence Therapy does not replace any medical treatments or therapies.