Initial Consultation (60 min) $130

Initial consultation for new clients.  Includes full health assessment/history, diagnostic tests and procedures, referrals and recommendations. 

Standard Follow Up (30 - 45 min) $70

Appointments to support and review your progress through your journey, or to discuss any new symptoms or issues that may be of concern.  

Express Consultation (15 min) $35

Express consultations are available for current clients only for prescription refills or acute conditions (colds, sore throats, virus support etc)

Online consultations are also available for Naturopathic consultations.
Private Health Rebates available for in clinic appointments.

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Standard Test & Program $300 

Non-invasive test, ideal for anyone who has experienced long term health symptoms. Using a sample of hair or saliva, the test identifies the positive or negative influence that food and household items have on an individual. This helps to determine which items may not be compatible with your body and therefore should be excluded from the diet.

Baby Test & Program $315

As per the standard test, however includes baby items such as skin care, formula, foods, nappies and wipes. If breastfeeding, it is best to include a sample of the mother’s hair so that the results can be combined and followed for both mother and baby.

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Consultation & 25mL Remedy (30 min) $80 

Flower Essences are gentle and suitable for any age from infants to the elderly.  They are a wonderful addition to other therapies you may be utilising for emotional or mental health. Flower Essences are also beneficial for times when you may be feeling stuck about a decision to make, or have some personal or emotional aspects that you'd like to shift.

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60 minutes $85 • 90 minutes $115

Access Bars is an energetic therapy that can benefit anyone, from infants to the elderly.  The Bars are a pragmatic tool that can help to release the "junk" that may be sticking you or keeping you making the same choices over and over even though they are no longer working for you.

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60 minutes $95 • 90 minutes $130

Remedial therapy treatments may consist of a variety of techniques. These include deep tissue massage, structural bodywork, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching, movement,  and kinesiology taping.  Relaxation & Swedish massage is also available. If you are a new client, it is recommended you book an initial remedial massage appointment to allow more time for assessment.

Private Health Rebates available.

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75 - 90 minutes $130

Structural Integration is a form of remedial therapy that eases pain and improves posture by focusing on releasing restrictions in the fascia (or connective tissue) of the body. The work aims to identify and release postural and movement patterns that may be contributing to chronic pain, restricted movement and tension.  The sessions help to bring the body back into balance, creating more space, awareness and ease of movement.

Sessions can be run as a one off treatment, or as part of a 12 or 3 Series program which aims to balance the body from the ground up.

Private Health Rebates available.

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